domenica 28 agosto 2011


 What comes in your mind when you see a sweet, cuuute and pink PIGGY? :D

I know it' too early ( or too late, it depends on the poin of view ;) ) to talk about Valentine's sweet stuff, but i can't wait to show you this original idea!                    Come and see guys ;D

The first thing, as you know, is to backe the sponge-cake :)

For this kind of cake, i decided to be as sweet as possible, so just have a look at the post One BANANA, Two BANANA, three BANANA, Four!!     to remember how to make the chocolate sponge-cake!

The best brand for black cherry in syrup.

 Now, is the moment to decide what to put IN the cake...and I've got a new and delicious surprise for you, readers ;)

Buy some black cherries in syrup and clean them from all the syrup ( you should actually wash them ) so that they won't ruin all the chantilly cream that we're going to make ;D


  • 4 yolks
  • 100 g sugar
  • 50 g flour
  • 1/2 l milk
  • The grated peel of half lemon
  • Ice cubs
Put the yolks in a casserole, add the sugar and mix it with a whisk.
Add the flour and stir it gently.
Now you can pour the milk piecemeal, try to absorbe it all the time that you add it to the cream.
Add the lemon peel, put the casserole on a low flame and let it cook, mixing it constantly to do not let the cream stick on the bottom.
Once reached the "boiling moment", wait for other 5 minutes.
Take it away from the flame, cover it with the protective film and leave it in a bow full of ice.
When the cream is finally cold, just add 2 tablespoon of whipped cream for 100 g of cream.

The precison is very important
when we are talking about pastry making.
When we finally have the cream, the clean black cherries cuttted and halves, we can cut the sponge-cake, anda fill it :D!

Don't throw the balck cherries in the cream without a scheme, the cake won't be so good looking, you know ;)

Try to follow a drawing, and don't loose patience! The result is garanteed ;D

Now it's YOUR moment to have fun!

Try to create sweet and lovely decorations: little hearts, a red bow ( really love this one!! ), a funny piggy and some luxurios stripes :)

It is not always compulsory to cover the whole cake with the marshmallow fondant, you can also leave the sponge-cake uncovered, but you have to clean it from all the cream thst is trying to run away ;)!

                      How can't you LOVE it? :D

24 commenti:

  1. Now I'm hungry!:)

  2. Now i wanna bake.. but i would only mess it up :(
    Looks yummi.


  3. oh God, I'm on a diet and visiting your blog makes me want to commit suicide.

  4. btw, what is the red ribbon made of? It looks really delicious.

  5. Curse my sweet tooth! I would go all out on this cake.

  6. I want that cake right now! :D

  7. Thank you guys for continue following me ;D

    @Linux and Life It is made of marshmallow fondant, like all the other decorations :)

    @Michael Westside Yeah,actually I did it xD

    @Emma Don't be so neagative, just try, you're not baking for someone important so you have to success.. it's just for you :D

  8. This gets me down on so many levels. You should see me in the kitchen. I'm a disaster. :S

  9. Woah excellent work on the bow, i love how it looks!! You def have skill in this department! Ever thought of opening your own cake shop??

  10. that is an amazing cake like to make one like that one,,great post thanks for share it with us

  11. Oink! Oink! BTW...made you blog of the day.

  12. i'm hungry

  13. I workout gruesomly, almost every day, I bet this blog is going to crack me down one day.

  14. obviously it must taste like bacon thus awsome
    nice blog followed

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