martedì 2 agosto 2011


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     I've got a REAL order for a cake *.* 

    Can you see this cake on the right??
Well, a friend of mine asked me to reproduce it not with three floors ( fortunately xD ) but with two floors!!

I'm so excited! I'm pretty sure that I'll make it, even though I received her e-mail yesterday. I'll post all the images so that you can see the whole tutorial :D!

                    but....  EXISTENTIAL QUESTION >.<!!
She likes chocolate very much, but she doesn't like whipped cream ( even though she likes chantilly cream ).

What do you think? I'm sure that I'm going to use chocolate, but how?
                  Maybe there will be a chocolate sponge-cake, but what i'm gonna put in it?                           


Can you please heeeeeeeeelp me?? *.*


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  1. I've seen your work, you can do this!

  2. Cool! :D Show us the result!

  3. yeah! congrats! good luck with the cake! i think you'll find out alone the best way to do it ;)

  4. Looks fuck*ng delicious haha, I have to copy the recipe! :P

  5. mm so much icing. I would probibly die if i ate all that. :)

  6. Is it weird that whenever I see gigantic mountains of cake I feel a sudden urge to run up and jump in? Thank god I manage to control myself every time at birthdays and weddings.

  7. That cake and this blog looks delicious. Your friend is so finicky. LOL.

  8. That looks criminally delicious.

  9. That is a beautiful cake. If I could even make one layer of it I'd be so proud of myself.

    I'm sure you'll do just fine. :)

  10. I'm sure it'll be a piece of cake for you!

  11. wow..a blog of /cake...i am soo following you..
    follow back?

  12. @forange
    I see what you did there.

    And turn off the word verification pleasseeeeeeee.

  13. @J don't know how to do that!! can you help me?

  14. My my what a pretty-licious cake it is. Your way too good to copy that you can do even better, I've seen your post. Goodluck with that! wow accounts for sale


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