domenica 21 agosto 2011


 Yeah, today we’re taking up a great challenge :D 

Are you curious?? We’re going Higher, for the first time, without anything that can help us… I know, no more froth, I’m only talking about CAKES!!! xD

Ok, have at look at this and tell me ;)

Mmm nope, this is not kind of ziggurat! It’s only the picture of all the different sponge-cakes that will be part of our cake :) The last sponge-cake is made from the cast for backing cup cakes.
As you know, you can find the recipe for the classic sponge-cake on the post WHITE FLAG :3 .

After baking all this stuff, begin to create your original decoration :)
The little leafe
I create simple things, like the little leaves, the coloured stripes, the pink bow and the nice red rose :D
Prepare the leaves, the bow and the rose some hours before everything, so that they can become dry, and they will be more resistant and not sag.

FOR THE ROSE: create little balls of marshmallow fondant and after squashing them to form the petals, put them around a little cone ( that would be the centre ). 
Try to position the petals so that they are a bit overlapped ( I know, it’s difficult to explain it, but I don’t have photos >.< )

NOW! It’s the moment to build the whoooole cake!

Cover the sponge-cakes only when they are one on the other, and be very careful!! They are soft and wet ( because of the liqueur and the stuffing, that you decide ;) ), so use all the method that you need! And do it slowly, don’t squash them ;D

Now you can decorate it as you like it, stripes, words and everything you like :)

                     Do you like the idea? ;D

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  1. Higher? I'm so high right now!! lol
    That cake looks delicious. :D

  2. I haven't seen you make a post for like forever. Where have you been?

  3. I've been in Greece! But know I'm back, with lots of original ideas than ever ;D!

  4. that's some awesome cake action


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