venerdì 22 luglio 2011

Minnie Mouse

  The Disney Magic World has always been in our life :) so why not making something about that? :D

Even if she was 17, I thought that this kind of small cake should have been the best for Serena.. 
                 We are never too old for this sweet surprises ;)

Well, we can start now!

You already know how to make the classical sponge-cake, if not just glance at the post WHITE FLAG :3.

Remember, don’t sprinkle the sponge-cake too much, or it will crack ;)

Now you can see how to decorate it ;)

Just begin obtaining from the black marshmallow fondant some Minnie Mouse’s head casts.

hen decorate them with some red ribbons with the well known white polka dot. It is not so difficult to create the small ribbons, you will only need the marshmallow fondant to be VERY elastic, and that’s all :) Glue the ribbons on the head casts only with some water. Leave them on a plate so that they can dry safely.

What about the hole cake? The upper part, as you can see, it’s simple white dough.

The lateral part it’s a bit more demanding.

I put the black polka dots one by one, following a regular scheme, with a pair of tweezers. As I also did for the tiny silver beads all around the cake :)

Yeeeeaah, I have Looooots of patience ;D

At this time, you can put the Minnie Mouse head casts where you want and continue decorating the cake with some words. As you can see, I decorated with nutella ;P

Do you like this cake? Tell me about your opinion :D I don’t have time to listen to you..
                                     I’m just gorging myself with this YUMMY cake ;P

19 commenti:

  1. Delicious indeed :D! And it looks like a ladybug :p

  2. Looks amazing, will def have to show this to my little cousin, shes just back from disney land and is obsessed with minni mouse

  3. Very creative and delicious looking!

  4. Man those cakes look great!

  5. I am going to have to ask you for permission to come over to your house and enjoy some delicious cake with you.

  6. Thousands of calories coming in front of me :D. The cake itself is cute and well done, but too cheesy for me :D.

  7. that is just too cute!


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